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Happy Thanksgiving! Q4 2013 CPA exam testing window extended.

Happy Thanksgiving! Q4 2013 CPA exam testing window extended.

Q4 2013 CPA exam testing window extended for late Thanksgiving
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I know you are thinking “It’s not even Halloween yet. What do you mean Thanksgiving?” The CPA gods have shown mercy and extended the Q4 2013 exam testing window to Friday, December 6, (one of the few times the CPA testing window is extended) because Thanksgiving is so late this year. The score release date is Friday, December 20. Hopefully, most candidates will get their scores around then, to make either a very merry Christmas, or a very drunk Christmas. Or maybe both.

Prolonging the pain and postponing the inevitable

While I’m sure many people will benefit from the extra week of studying, the extra week may be a bane for others. It’s just prolonging the pain and postponing the inevitable. Those who must take the exam by the end of November will probably have already absorbed as much as they can by then. The extra week may just burn you out.

Winter wonderland
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I absolutely LOVE snow storms, most of the time

When my Audit exam was cancelled because of a winter storm back in February, I remember thinking “Oh come on, its just snow. I just want it to be over already!” Thankfully, I was able to reschedule it a week later, only to get a 71. During that week, my mind was on BEC that was scheduled for the week after I actually took Audit. I am convinced that had I taken it as originally scheduled, I would have passed. During that extra week, I put my auditing book down and picked up BEC for a few days, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to reschedule Audit right away. But I was able to reschedule it only a week later, and picked up Audit again. By then, my brain was thinking “Aw man, I was expecting this to be over with by now.”

Well, I guess I should get back to preparing the Corporate Governance study guide that is supposed to be coming. I was just so surprised to find out that the testing window was extended due to a holiday that I had to mention it.

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