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DIY Happy Thanksgiving Banner

November is one of my favorite months of the year. Autumn is in full swing, my hubby’s birthday, and I get a four day weekend without using any vacation days. In honor of the last full month of Autumn, I made a banner out of felt fabric cut into leaves, and painted the letters “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” onto them. I used the following supplies to make the leaves and letters:

MaterialsFelt fabric in variety of colors
Acrylic paint in variety of colors
Paint pallet
Sponge brushes, one for each color
Letter stencils
Large needle
White paper
Paper towels


Sketch a leaf onto the white paper using the pen. I sketched the Canadian Maple leaf, because it’s one of the easier leaves to draw.

Trace paper leaf


Cut out the paper leaf and use it as your template to make the felt leaves. Trace the
paper leaf using a marker onto the felt to make 17 felt leaves, and then cut out each felt leaf.

Trace felt leaf


Once all the leaves are cut, use the stencils to sponge paint the letters “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” onto the leaves, alternating the colors of the leaves and paint. Wipe the paint off the stencil using the paper towels between every application to keep each leaf clean of excess paint. Set each leaf aside to dry.

Painted letter on leaf


Once all the leaves are dry, stitch the yarn into each leaf using the large needle.

Stitch letter H


Make sure the leaves are in the correct order to spell “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”.

Stitch leaves


Space the leaves evenly, and tie a large loop at each end. The loops will keep the leaves from falling off the yarn.

Loops at end


Hang your beautiful banner and enjoy your Thankgiving!

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