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Can we Afford A Stay At Home Dad?

Can We Afford A Stay At Home Dad

Just after our older daughter was born, my hubby started dreaming about becoming a stay at home dad. As a regular substitute teacher at an alternative school, he got the same school breaks that the students got during the school year, except for the two month summer break, which he did not get. During the school breaks, he would take care of our little girl, who was not school aged yet. He cherished the time he got to spend with her and the bond they formed while mommy was at work.


Where Is Tim Tebow Today?

Where Is Tim Tebow Today feature imageWhere is Tim Tebow today? I know little about baseball, and even less about Tim Tebow, but I do know he plays for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, a minor league baseball team in upstate New York. I know this because I live in a little town about 10 miles from Binghamton. I’ve been to a few Rumble Ponies games before Tebow came to Binghamton, when they were mostly known as the B-Mets, short for the Binghamton Mets. They are somehow tied to the NY Mets. (more…)

My Last Week Of Maternity Leave

My Last Week Of Maternity Leave

My last week of maternity leave has arrived, quite possibly my last maternity leave ever. I haven’t completely decided that yet. And while I am a little sad that I will no longer see my sweet baby girl all day every day, I’m excited to be returning to the office. Of course I love holding my baby girl, gazing into her eyes, and making her smile and coo. I can even deal with the mountains of diapers and endless line of dirty bottles in the sink. (more…)

I Did Breastfeeding and Formula

I Did Breastfeeding and Formula feature image
I breastfed and formula fed my daughter.

I don’t like breastfeeding. I had trouble breastfeeding my first daughter, Lilly, at birth. Besides the fact that she was premature, I didn’t produce milk until the day I left the hospital, and I had trouble with latching for a while. (more…)

26 Ways I Save Money

About a year and a half ago, I blogged about 5 Ways That I Save Money. Below is a more detailed list of 26 ways I save money. It covers a wide variety of expenses, from onetime expenses like our Nintendo Switch to regular monthly expenses, like our mortgage. Let’s get started! (more…)

Cost Of Two Children In Childcare

My maternity leave has started, which brings me that much closer to enrolling our beautiful baby girl, Izzy, in childcare when I return to work.

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Our older daughter, Lilly, is already enrolled in before and after school care through another childcare facility, The Boys and Girls Club, which holds childcare at her school. While that has been wonderful in terms of logistics, we have chosen to send our newest daughter to the childcare facility that Lilly went to before she was school aged. (more…)

Can I Afford Maternity Leave?

My maternity leave is quickly approaching now. With 3 weeks left until my scheduled C-section, I should probably figure out how much cash I’ll need to make it through a 12 week maternity leave.

Our largest cash outflow is the mortgage, which is around $820 a month. It covers the mortgage, taxes, and homeowners insurance. It is automatically deducted out of my second credit union account, so I will have to periodically transfer cash from my main credit union account to the other once my direct deposit paychecks are halted to those accounts during my maternity leave. (more…)

Daycare Is Expensive. And Totally Worth It.

Childcare is one expensive necessity for working parents. Before my daughter reached kindergarten, the weekly cost of full time daycare was anywhere from $180 and $200, depending on her age (infant care is typically more expensive than toddlers and preschoolers).

That’s $10,400 a year for an infant. Now that she’s school aged, the cost for before and after school childcare and the summer is roughly half of what it was this time last year. I don’t have much more time to enjoy this increase in my cash flow, however, as our second child is due in less than 10 weeks. (more…)

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