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7 CPA test taking strategies

After sitting for my fourth section, BEC, I realized that I was using the same 7 test taking strategies over and over again for each exam. I have listed them below to help those who are numb from doing countless multiple choice questions and need to take a break. (more…)

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To license now or not to license now?

Perhaps I should save this post for after I get my passing score in about 36 hours, but I can’t stand the waiting anymore. And yes, I did check my score multiple times today. (more…)

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I should know better.

I should have known better than to check my Audit score 5 times today when my score release date is August 6. And yet I sit here posting this blog, checking my score for the 6th time in the hopes that my score has been posted. (more…)

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I am so close, I am lost.

As I listen to ‘Safe and Sound’ by Capital Cities, (more…)

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One week until my final CPA section

While I was on a 2 mile walk through my neighborhood, I realized that I had less than 7 days left before I will be sitting down to take Auditing, the last section of the CPA exam. (more…)

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