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Top 10 List: Advice for Studying For the CPA Exam

The Korean Accountant’s Top 10 List: Advice For Those Studying For the CPA Exam.

Lillers hiding my calculator#10: Get the (Young) Kids Their Own Study Materials

If you’re studying with young kids around, get them their own study materials, like a coloring book, crayons, and a calculator. Lillers was always taking my pencil and calculator (if you look closely at the picture on right, there is a calculator behind her tush).

#9: Don’t Go For the Highest Grade, Go For Understanding the Material Like the Back of Your Hand

Your grade doesn’t matter, other than to brag to others. What matters is that you passed. Your future client won’t ask about your grade.

#8: Don’t Waste Time With Things Not In Your Control

Don’t waste time researching myths like grade curves, how to beat the system, score reviews and appeals, etc. None of that stuff is in your control. Spend that time studying the material, which is in your control.

#7: Study the Majority of the Material For All Sections Before You Apply For the NTS

Study the majority of the material before you apply for the NTS. While some states allow you 6 months for your NTS (effectively, 4 months because of the blackout months), like New York, other states allow only 3 months (effectively, 2 months because of again, blackout months), like Texas. Scheduling the exams when you are close to ready makes the NTS period a little easier.

Source: onestoespietato.wordpress.com#6: Have Some Fun! All Work And No Play Makes A Future CPA Burn Out

Remember to have a little fun. Studying burnt out is not effective. After I had my meltdown and cried while studying for REG (and 6 months pregnant), my concerned husband told me to take a break. I realized I was burnt out and not in the right frame of mind.

#5: “My Dog Ate My Homework”

There are many reasons why you may not be devoting enough time to studying: kids, family, work, health, wedding, baby, etc. They are not reasons, they are excuses. It’s going to be hard, and it’s supposed to be. But the rewards are worth it.

#4: The CPA Exam Is Only the Beginning

Taking the CPA exam is relatively easy, relatively being the important word here. The exam is only the beginning of a career of working 7 days a weeks during peak season, which, depending on your industry, may last 8 months or longer.

#3: As Thomas Wayne Said In Batman Begins, “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Failing is not as terrible as you think. Especially when the average cumulative passing rate is 49.625% (straight average of 45.87% + 55.83% + 48.32% + 48.48%).

Source: AICPA


That thought brings us to the #2 piece of advice.

#2: Succeeding After You Fail Is Much More Rewarding


And the #1 piece of advice I can offer to those studying for the CPA exam is:

www.hollywood.com#1 Advice For Studying For the CPA Exam: PERSISTENCE

As Dory says, “Just keep swimming!” If you have failed, try again. If you are burned out, rest for a little bit and try again. If you’re too busy at work, study slow. Just keep going. It’s much easier to relearn material you only partially forgot than to start from scratch.

I’m pretty sure I’ve used the Dory example before, but she is just awesome.

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